Free Download: Improve Your Website Functionality with Our Free Coworking Icon Pack

Icons are used on virtually every coworking website on the internet, and for good reason: they’re essential to creating a strong user experience.

But most coworking icons are generic and struggle to communicate the service or amenity they’re intended to represent.

After all, coworking is a bit of a niche industry which means there are fewer icon options to choose from.

That’s why we decided to create our own custom Coworking Icon Pack—and to share them with you for free.

And we wrote this blog post to explain why they’ll benefit you and how to use them.

How Custom Coworking Icons Improve Website and Social Media Performance

Think of every coworking website you’ve ever looked at. On almost every single one of them, you’ve probably seen icons used throughout.

You’d notice them in places like:

  • Homepages
  • Amenities sections
  • Service pages

And this isn’t by accident. Icons are used because they:

  • Declutter a website
  • Save space on your website, which is especially helpful if your visitors are using smartphones or tablets to view your site
  • Break up big walls of text, allowing your visitors to process the information on your website faster
  • Create a more streamlined user interface and enhance their experience visiting your site
  • Make navigation faster and easier which can support better sales performance 

In fact, humans can process images in as little as 13 milliseconds (or 0.013 seconds) meaning icons help people digest the key information on your page even faster.

Why the Wrong Icons Hinder Your Website Performance

Here’s the hitch: using the wrong icons—or icons with multiple possible meanings—can actually confuse people. After all, they’re processing those images in a fraction of a second.

And when it comes to the coworking world, there’s a lot of room for interpretation.

Think about these, for example: 

  • What’s the visual difference between a hot desk and a dedicated desk?
  • How do you distinguish a meeting room from any other room? 
  • What does “virtual mail” look like? 
  • How can you create a visual representation of a podcast studio?
  • How exactly does a community manager icon look?

If you couldn’t readily answer those questions in 0.013 seconds, it’s a safe bet your visitors might miss the connection.

What’s worse is that even these icons are tough to find, and the ones that are out there are notoriously generic, inconsistent, and not always high-quality.

That’s why we made our Free Coworking Icon Pack—and made it free for you to download, customize, and add to your website.

How to Use Spacefully’s Free Coworking Icon Pack

We’ve created our Free Coworking Icon Pack to help you articulate your exact services and amenities, including:

  • Hot desks
  • Dedicated desks
  • Small, medium, and large private offices 
  • Team offices
  • Virtual offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Event spaces
  • Podcast studio
  • Lounge/cafe
  • Phone booth
  • Kitchen/bar
  • 24/7 access
  • Community Manager

When you download these icons, they come in a variety of formats so that you can easily customize them with a service like Canva and use them however you need—from your website to your social media, email newsletters, and beyond. 

Or, you can reach out to the Spacefully team and we can help you customize your icons to your exact brand specifications.

So, if you’re ready to start improving your website performance with a simple, customized tweak, download our Free Coworking Icon Pack today!