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Google Ads Blueprint

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We start by understanding your goals through examining your services, location, capacity and occupancy to determine if Google Ads is right for your business.  We will deliver on:

  • Custom Strategy: Determine where Google Ads can work for your space
  • Set Your Budget: Know your budget and target cost-per-lead based on your location
  • Competitor Analysis: Know which of your competitors are on Google Ads and what they are spending
  • Return On Investment: ROI calculations to forecast growth
  • Campaign Structure: Avoid overspending with the proper foundation
  • Lead Magnets: Strategies to turn clicks into members
  • Tracking Audit:  Are you measuring what matters?

Our Google Ads Blueprint not only provides you with the necessary information to consider Google Ads, but it also gives us an opportunity to work together.  The Blueprint is performed over two Zoom calls.  The first call is for discovery, the second is to present our findings.  We’ll also provide you with a detailed proposal on Google Ads management for your consideration to get things started.

What if I’m already running Google Ads?

This Blueprint works for you too!  In addition to what’s included above we’ll also review your existing Google Ads account to incorporate your current data and performance into our strategy.

How long does it take?

Your Google Ads Blueprint is custom made for you.  Please allow our team 3-5 business days to prepare.  Upon purchase we’ll schedule a discovery call and delivery call for you.

What if we operate in multiple locations?

No problem, we’ll factor this in to our processes, and will reference specific locations when applicable.

Marketing ROI Tracker


Track your Return-On-Investment, using our online tracker with built-in calculations.

  1. Track Services & Channels: Your spaces range in price, term, and availability.  Calculate true ROI by separating leads by service.
  2. Make It Yours:  Our tracker was designed to be used monthly, but you can adjust it to follow your own tracking schedule.
  3. Flexible Inputs:  Simply duplicate the tracker to measure paid or unpaid marketing efforts.
  4. Built for Teams:  Share access to your tracker to have your team contribute.