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Google Ads Blueprint

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Google Ads Blueprint

Spacefully’s Google Ads Blueprint is the first step in our proprietary methodology for generating more qualified leads for your coworking space.

This comprehensive discovery process helps you understand whether Google Ads is right for your business, how best to approach it, and the results you can expect it to deliver.

What you get with your Google Ads Blueprint

Custom Strategy

Set Your Budget

Competitor Analysis

Return on Investment

Campaign Structure

Lead Magnets

Tracking Audit

Determine where Google Ads can work for your space

Know your budget and target cost-per-lead based on your location

Know which of your competitors are on Google Ads and what they are spending

ROI calculations to forecast growth

Avoid overspending with the proper foundation

Strategies to turn clicks into members

Are you measuring what matters?

Multiple people work in a shared office space, at desks with computers and monitors.
Team works at a desk in bright spacious coworking area.
Large open coworking space with light streaming in from windows.

How does the Blueprint work?

Your Google Ads Blueprint will consist of Two Zoom calls. These calls help us learn more about your coworking space and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about Google Ads.

We start by understanding your goals and examining your services, location, capacity, and occupancy.  Then, we fuse our deep understanding of the coworking world with proven industry-specific Google Ads expertise to present you with a detailed overview of our findings and recommendations.

Discovery call

Presentation Call

  • What’s right for your space? SEO vs. SEM  
  • A breakdown of the digital marketing funnel
  • How we structure your Google Ads
  • Continuous optimization examples
  • Target market analysis and competitor lists
  • Key inclusions and exclusions
  • Your custom strategy
  • Budget forecasting
  • A detailed competitive analysis
  • ROI calculations to forecast your lead growth
  • Customized campaign structure details
  • Recommended lead magnets
  • Tracking audit
  • Pricing & Options to Setup & Manage Google Ads
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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads is a complex endeavor. So, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we’ve received from coworking space operators like you.

What if I’m already running Google Ads?

This Blueprint works for you too! In addition to what’s included above we’ll also review your existing Google Ads account to incorporate your current data and performance into our strategy.

How long does it take?

Your Google Ads Blueprint is custom made for you.  Please allow our team 3-5 business days to prepare.  Upon purchase we’ll schedule a discovery call and delivery call for you.

What if we operate in multiple locations?

No problem, we’ll factor this in to our processes, and will reference specific locations when applicable.

Nicole Kaemerle

Nicole Kaemerle posing for the camera, smiling.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Hear from other coworking space operators about how we’ve supercharged their lead generation using our Google Ads Blueprint.


Less than six months later, we’re 100% full

“When we started our campaign with Spacefully, we had 24 vacancies. Less than six months later, we’re 100% full and a big chunk of our leads came from Spacefully’s campaign. The quality of the leads we’re getting has gone up so much – and my stress level has gone down. It changed everything for us. We even have a waitlist for some of our larger offices. I would definitely recommend the Spacefully team – we haven’t had a better marketing experience with any other company. The value is exponential!”

Melanie Marconi

VIDA Coworking

Melanie Marconi smiliing for the camera.

Now, they’re our #1 lead generator

Before working with Spacefully, Google Ads didn’t seem to work very well for us. Now, they’re our #1 lead generator. Working with Spacefully was the first time I saw direct ROI on an advertising investment. To be able to see leads coming in month over month is great. And the quality of the leads have improved the longer we’ve worked together. I would absolutely recommend Spacefully to other coworking spaces looking to increase their leads.

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You’ll also receive a custom proposal outlining a done-for-you Google Ads strategy including setup, ongoing management, and optimization of your campaign.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Hear from other coworking space operators about how we’ve supercharged their lead generation using our Google Ads Blueprint.