Custom Landing Pages: The Simple Solution for Boosting Your Google Ad Conversions

Are you running Google Ads for your coworking space and driving them directly back to your homepage? If so, we’ve got a bit of a bad news/good news situation to share with you.

The bad news: driving your ads back to your homepage could be causing them to underperform in a serious way.

The good news: solving this problem requires only a simple fix—creating custom landing pages where you can direct your ad’s clickers to.

Let us explain. 

What Are Custom Landing Pages for Google Ads?

Custom landing pages for Google Ads campaigns are ultra-specific dedicated pages that correspond directly to the exact service you’re pushing out with your ad.

At Spacefully, these landing pages are a key component of our proprietary process—and one of the most important ways for us to generate and measure success for our clients.

Having a custom landing page for your Google Ad hones in on exactly and only the service that the searcher is seeking.

Why Are Custom Landing Pages for Google Ads So Vital?

When you don’t have a custom landing page set up for your Google Ads campaign, you’re essentially making your visitor proactively seek information rather than just having it immediately available to them.

Custom landing pages provide them with the exact information they need and drive them directly and only to the way in which they can take action. 

These landing pages also strip away a lot of potential distractions, such as navigation bars.

For instance, if you’re running a Google Ads campaign focused on virtual office services, you don’t want your visitor to get lost in other services—especially after you’ve already paid for their click. 

Even things like Instagram feeds or member logos that lead to other websites can take people away from where you want them to be. 

And while these things are really valuable to have on your website in general, you don’t want to pay for a Google Ads lead just to have them leave to another page without taking action. 

Honing in on that visitor and their immediate goal is crucial for driving conversions. 

How to Create Conversion-Driving Custom Landing Pages for Google Ads Campaigns

The landing pages that convert most effectively from Google Ads conversions include a small amount of hyper-specific information and features.

Space or Service Highlights

Custom landing pages allow you to position your spaces or services in the best possible light.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re running a Google Ads campaign (or track, as we call them at Spacefully) for your meeting rooms. 

You have six meeting rooms across two locations which are in close geographic proximity to one another.

With a custom landing page, you can cherry pick the best, most attractive, or most used of the six spaces as a sort of highlight reel. 

Or, you can showcase the wide assortment of sizes and “best-for” uses that can fit the majority of people searching for a meeting room.

High-Impact Call-to-Action

The single most important piece of the puzzle on your custom landing page is your offer—your call-to-action.

If you’re like most coworking space operators, your website has some combination of “Contact Us” and “Book a Tour” forms which apply broadly to all of your services.

But when you’re spending money on a Google Ads campaign which is focused on a specific service, you want to pay for leads for exactly and only that service. 

And the call-to-action or next step you want your visitor to take can differ vastly from service to service. 

For example, if it’s an office space lead, you may want them to come in for a tour or to send them availability and pricing.

On the other hand, if it’s a lead for a meeting room, you may want them to book it directly or gain access to a calendar of availability.

Or if it’s for virtual office services, you may simply want them to buy now since the barrier to entry is relatively low. 

Your custom landing page allows you to direct your visitor to the exact action they want to take and you want them to take once they’ve explored your service sufficiently.

Imagery and Information

When it comes to images and information on your custom landing page, you’ll want to be selective. The last thing you want to do is inundate people. Remember, this page is action-oriented: the ultimate goal is to convert.

You’ll want to include concise and compelling copy to articulate:

  • Whether your space or service are a fit for your visitor
  • Availability and pricing 
  • Amenities (these are a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have)

When it comes to images, be selective and use them in moderation. Remember the highlight reel approach. 

Ultimately, deciding what information to include comes down to the service you’re offering and the preferences of your audience. 

Understanding how those two things fit together will give you the best possible copy and image combination for your landing page.

Want to see samples of our landing pages in action?

See the exact landing pages we use to help drive leads to Coworking Spaces everyday!

How to Track and Measure the Effectiveness of Your Custom Landing Page

Without a doubt, the biggest reason to create custom landing pages for your Google Ads campaigns is that they give you a ton of valuable insights.

And this is where we’re really able to help coworking space operators get the most out of their Google Ads spend.

Split Testing

You can experiment with landing pages including doing multiple split tests to see which iteration performs better.

For instance, you can run two variations of the same landing page at the same time to determine which one performs better based on a set of variables which typically include:

  • Design
  • Copy
  • Visuals  
  • Call to action

We run these tests and begin to look for trends and patterns over time. 

If you only have your regular website data available to you, it’s much more difficult to quantify what works and what doesn’t.

Trackability and Metrics

The trackability of your custom landing page is huge. 

If you do split tests on your website, for example, it’s nearly impossible to know what’s really been happening. As an example, you might’ve seen a traffic or leads uptick as a result of social media or an email marketing campaign, or possibly someone hosted a large event, and attendees wanted to find your location.  It’ll be hard to distinguish between these audiences and can produce uninterpretable results. 

On the other hand, your custom landing page is exclusively for your Google Ads, so you’re able to see exactly where your leads are coming from and to target your page directly to high-intent searchers who are most likely to become customers (as opposed to just general traffic). 

Your custom landing page will allow you to track a ton of metrics directly from your Google Ads campaign, including: 

  • Form submissions
  • Phone calls
  • Tours booked
  • Outbound Link tracking
  • Chats initiated

To avoid manual entry and human error, we also help our clients pipe these leads directly into your CRM.

Pro Tip:

Leverage the power of automation by creating an automatic email sequence to send timely information to new leads.  Many popular CRM’s and Coworking Software allow you to create follow up sequences to put your followup on auto pilot. 

Prefer a more manual approach?  Have your CRM setup tasks for you instead of sending an email.  This way you can add a personal touch to every interaction.

Want guidance on best practices?  Sign up for our Google Ads Blueprint, we help connect the dots.

If you’re running Google Ads campaigns, creating custom landing pages is one of the savviest things you can do. It offers you real-world quantifiable metrics so you’ll get a lot more insights and do a lot less guessing.

Not only will you be able to tweak your Google Ads campaigns and landing pages for optimal results, you’ll also get a clear, no-nonsense understanding of your ROI.

If you want to harness the power of Google Ads and custom landing pages to start bringing new members into your coworking space today, we’re here for you. We use our industry-specific expertise to help coworking spaces to attract new qualified leads. 

Learn how we can supercharge your lead generation by signing up for our Google Ads Blueprint today.