Why a Coworking Industry Expert Will Bring You Better Google Ads Results

There’s no shortage of choices available when it comes to enlisting support with Google Ads for your coworking space.

But when considering your options, there’s one big question you need to keep in mind:

How much of an impact would it make on your bottom line to work with an industry expert rather than a generalist? 

In our experience, a lot. Admittedly, we’re biased. But it’s not an arbitrary opinion. 

Here’s how we put our industry expertise to work to help coworking spaces get full faster.

Leapfrog the Learning Curve

Whenever you work with a new partner, two things are for sure:

  1. They need time to learn about your business
  2. They need more time to understand the nuances of your industry

Both of these things are critical in their ability to craft a strategy that will deliver the results you’re looking for.

But this also usually entails:

  • Longer periods of time before getting your ROI-driving work underway (in other words, waiting longer before you start bringing in new members)
  • Onboarding expenses which are charged to you to accommodate the time they spend getting up to speed

With an industry expert, these issues are mitigated. We need no time at all to learn about the flexible office industry and, most importantly, we can lean on our experience with similar spaces to create a strategy that will start bringing in members quickly.

Instead of starting from the ground up, we simply need to learn about your:

  • Goals
  • Current occupancy 
  • Priority products and services
  • Local market
  • Launch date (if you’re opening a new location)

So, from the outset, we aim to ask the right questions, uncover potential opportunities, and come up with a strategy that will work for your specific business.

Pro Tip:

Avoid overpaying for clicks by identifying the services that you wish to promote first.  While it’s tempting to try and run ads for all of your services, the majority of our clients begin with a few key services first.  

Having trouble deciding?  Imagine you received a phone call in the next hour that was interested in your Coworking space.  Who would they be, what would they be looking for, and what would they ultimately purchase?

Get clarity using our Blueprint Strategy.

Keeping Our Finger on the Pulse

There’s a saying:

“If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”

And that’s what an industry expert brings to the table.

At Spacefully, we have our ear to the ground in the flexible office industry, and we strive to be connected at all times. 

We’re constantly:

  • Watching trends and changes in the industry
  • Evaluating whether there’s sluggishness in the market, an increase in demand taking place, or opportunities available that you can capitalize on 
  • Inventorying and testing new complementary products and services related to the Coworking industry
  • Looking at what the national players are doing and understand where they sit in the Google Ads auction, whether they’re being more or less aggressive, and if they’re making a push for a specific service, in a specific market

And we use those insights in real-time to optimize campaigns for our clients’ Google Ads campaigns.

Leveraging Our Experience to Benefit You

We work with coworking spaces every single day. And that helps us to understand what works for all kinds of spaces—from single locations to multi-locations and from rural and suburban markets to urban areas and highly-populated areas.

While each individual space and business is different, there are common threads that extend throughout the entire flexible office space industry.

And, since we’re hyperfocused on your industry, we’re able to identify those threads and leverage them to perpetually provide ever-improving service and results for our clients.

Understanding Coworking Systems and Software

From Nexudus to OfficeRnD and beyond, there is a growing number of coworking-specific software and service providers in the market. And that’s in addition to all of the other various marketing tools available to businesses like yours. 

The last thing you want to do is have to wait for your service provider to get up to speed and learn all of these platforms—let alone have to bring them up to speed yourself. 

Working with an industry expert means collaborating with a team that already: 

  • Understands the key platforms you use to run your space
  • Can integrate platforms to identify and implement the ideal workflow for your space
  • Knows how to ensure they’re functioning optimally so that you’re getting the most of them

Most importantly, we understand the roles of those individual platforms and how they fit into your overall marketing strategy.

Multi-Location Tip:

Having multiple locations requires careful consideration from a marketing and technology perspective.  

On the one hand – you want segmentation by location, marketing budget, tours booked, and revenue.

On the other hand – you want unification by revenue, strategy, operations, and sales attribution.

Examples of how we’ve helped our multi-location coworking spaces to strike a balance:

  • Custom phone trees to connect callers to the best team member
  • Department/location-based email logic to automate email delegation and assign ownership of new prospects
  • Round-robin call routing to deliver a 5-star worthy customer experience

Leverage your existing software to drive organizational efficiency and deliver more customer value.  Connect the dots with our Blueprint Strategy.

Knowing What Not to Do

When it comes to Google Ads, understanding what not to do is as important as understanding what to do.


Because there are some counterintuitive snags that you might get hooked on by doing something you thought you were supposed to do. 

For instance, if you don’t apply negative keywords to your campaign, you may find yourself getting—and paying for—clicks on an ad that is completely irrelevant to your space and your service offering.

Need an example?

Let’s say you include the search term “office space for rent” in your Google Ads campaign. While technically you’re offering real estate, this search term will come up with apartments and housing for rent and might even go into shops or commercial buildings for rent.

When you’re unfamiliar with an industry, it takes time to figure out what negative keywords you need to apply to your campaign in order to get the results you want. 

But at Spacefully, we create global lists based on what we know isn’t relevant so we can exclude the leads you don’t want and make your campaign—and your budget—more efficient.

Creating Predictable Outcome and Repeatable Success

The bottom line here is how this all benefits your bottom line: 

We combine our Google Ads expertise with our Coworking Industry experience to achieve faster and more predictable results with repeatable success.

And for you, this means reliable revenue in the form of new members joining your coworking space. 

We base our recommendations for what will work for you based on what’s worked for others. We’re able to get running with lead generation right out of the gate. And we’re able to test and optimize facets of your campaign on an ongoing basis to ensure that you’re always getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to your Google Ads budget. 

Ultimately, when you’re investing in support that will help you fill your coworking space and generate more revenue, it only makes sense to collaborate with a team that understands your industry and your business.

And that’s where Spacefully can help. 

Learn how we can supercharge your lead generation by signing up for our Google Ads Blueprint today.